Mi'kmaq Tradition: Kulein

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About this Song

This song is often referred to as Ave Maria because those are the words in the refrain; however, the English title is Immaculate Mary. Like the text of God Save The Queen, this song celebrates Mary, the Mother of God. This same tune can be heard at St. Anne's Day celebrations in the song Good Ol' St. Anne in which the text focuses on St. Anne, the Grandmother of Christ.

The identity of this performer is unknown. Please contact us if you are able to identify this individual.

Kulein. Unknown S. T-039. Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University.


1. Wekaqelmulek Kkijjinen Ma'li
Ukjit ktininiktuk Se'sus elnua'sit

Kulein, kulein
Kulein, Ma'li
Kulein, kulein
Kulein, Ma'li

2. Wekaqelmulek etli mittukwalsip
Ewo'matioq Se'nt Elisapet


1. We kiss you, our Mother, Mary
Because from your body Jesus became Indian

Holy, holy
Holy, Mary
Holy, Holy
Holy, Mary

2. We kiss you, you were visiting
You are related to Saint Elizabeth