The Gaelic Tradition: Tha Mo Rùn Air A' Ghille

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About this Song

The singer is Sandy Campbell. The song is a variant of an older song which is published in An t-Òranaiche (p. 209-10).

'Tha Mo Rùn Air A' Ghille', 1973. Sandy Campbell. T-642. Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University.


Tha mo rùn air a' ghille,
'S mòr mo shunnd ri thu thilleadh;
'S mi gu siùbhladh leat am fireach
Fo shileadh nam fuarbheann.

1. Oidhche Shamhna ghabhas mi òran,
Nam b'aite leam dhèanainn òran;
'S truagh a Righ nach mi bha pòsd'
Aig òigear a' chùil dualaich.

2. Tha do chàirdean rium ag ràitinn
Gu bheil mi 'm bleid an droch nàdair;
B'fheàrr leam gu faicinn thu màireach,
'S mo mhànran ri d' ghuallainn.

3. Thug thu falt mo chinn gu talamh,
Chuir thu mo ghruaidh dhearg an tainead;
'S truagh nach mise bha 's an anart
Mun do ghabh mi luaidh ort.

4. 'S math as aithne dhomh do shloinneadh,
A Chloinn ???? 's do Chloinn Choinnich,
Dòmhnallaich a' bhroillich shoilleir,
Sheasadh ri là cruadail.

5. (Verse 3 repeated)

6. Tha thu laghach 's tha thu bòidheach,
'S math a ghabhas tu na h-òrain;
'S truagh a Righ nach mì bha pòst'
Aig òigear a' chùil dualaich.

7. Dh'fhalbh mo phiuthar, dh'fhalbh mo bhràthair,
Dh'fhalbh mo chinneadh, dh'fhalbh mo chàirdean;
Ach 's tusa 'm fear a tha mi 'g ràitinn
Gun do chnàmh thu ghruag dhiom.


I Love the Young Man

I love the young man,
I long for your return;
I would travel the moorland with you
Under the rain of the high hills.

1. I'll sing my song on Halloween;
If I could I would compose one;
It's a pity that I am not married
To the youth with the curly hair.

2. Your friends are telling me
That I am bad-natured;
I wish I could see you tomorrow,
Dallying by your side.

3. You brought my hair to the ground,
You made my rosy cheeks thin;
Pity that I wasn't in the shroud
Before I fell in love with you.

4. I know your lineage well:
Clan ???? and Clan MacKenzie,
MacDonalds of the bright chests
Who would endure a day of hardship.

5. (Verse 3 repeated)

6. You are nice and you are beautiful;
You are a fine singer of songs;
It's a pity that I was not married
To the youth with the curly hair.

7. My sister has departed, and my brother,
My relatives, and my friends;
But you are the one, I am saying,
Who caused my hair to fade away.